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Fare cose stupide fa bene

Sotto preziosissimo consiglio di Andrea oggi ho letto questo post meraviglioso sulle emoji nel prompt della shell, che viene concluso tramite un paragrafo con cui mi ritrovo molto:

If you just want to be a developer, sure, go ahead, skip the little things. But I think most of us also want to be a Human Being, and that involves more than code. If my experience shows me anything, it’s that the best code comes from those who take the time to be a well-rounded person, and who find ways to make themselves happy throughout the day. To mangle a line from Mary Poppins, “A spoonful of sugar helps the developer stay sane.”

And that’s why, sometimes, I spend too long playing with something ridiculous, like emojifying my prompt. I do more than that to keep myself happy, but these little things can help keep the happy going throughout the occasional long day. Find the dumb things that work for you, and do them.

Fare cose stupide è la cosa più bella al mondo, e a latere è anche il motivo per cui è nato uno dei miei migliori progetti didattici.

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